On cultural education

19 01 2009

Above: the finale of Maurice Bejart’s version of Le Sacre du Printemps

I have been commenting to AG about one of the greatest cultural travesties that I have witnessed lately. With the rise of the MP3 player and other gadgets, my listening to the local classical music radio station, KDFC, is limited to when I am driving. The brief times I do listen, however, I have noticed that they have started to play music from the film scores of recent box office hits. (The last piece I heard was some symphonic suite from Pirates of the Caribbean.) Normally, I am not that disturbed by the general cheapening of the cultural discourse in this country. Part of me, however, found this musical selection completely unacceptable. You have 800 years of continuous musical development in the Western world, from St. Hildegard von Bingen to Osvaldo Golijov, and you are going to play film music from Star Wars? Sorry, the whole idea is repugnant to me.
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Bejart’s Bhakti – Shiva

6 01 2009

Yes, it’s 1969.

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To gaze upon beauty is to gaze upon the Divine itself…

30 04 2008

-Pas de deux from Maurice Bejart’s Romeo and Juliet

Hence it always happens that lovers fear and worship in some way the sight of the beloved. Let me even say, although I fear that some of you will blush when you hear these things, that even brave and wise men, I say, have been accustomed to suffer in the presence of the beloved, however inferior. Certainly it is not anything human that frightens them, which breaks them, which seizes them. For a human power is always stronger in braver and wiser men. But that splendor of divinity, shining in the beautiful like a statue of God, compels lovers to marvel, to be afraid, and to worship.

Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato’s Symposium on Love