Tilting at minarets

21 12 2009

When I encounter the few times that people speak of me elsewhere on the Internet, I am always a little amused by what they think I am really like. So I will just clarify once and for all that in spite of all appearances, I am actually a “Lefebvrist”, at least in my theology. If I don’t hang out with those people, it is because my “lifestyle” wouldn’t gel with that crowd. In other words, I don’t expect my wife to be barefoot and pregnant and getting me my beer, I watch T.V. and like it, I listen to Hindu bhajans and not Gregorian chants when I write for my blog (as I am now)… in other words, I am a pretty modern and eccentric person. But when it comes down to theology, or rather, what I feel I have to believe in order to get to Heaven, I don’t take anything that was written after 1960 seriously, unless it sounds exactly the same as something that was written before that time. If it isn’t at least as old as my parents, I really don’t see why I need to listen to it, unless it has been laid down as the definitive, unchanging answer of the Church coming from a legitimate authority. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which came out when I was fourteen and is chock full of ambiguities, and of which I got a first edition back in the day, does not meet that criterion with me.
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