Fr. John Allen Peek, SSPX – R.I.P.

14 09 2009


Fr. Peek, staring into the camera, as a seminarian

Recently, I was in the Society of St. Pius X bookstore in Kenner after I had attended Sunday Mass in the adjacent chapel. The books I found there were standard fare for such establishments: lots of lives of saints, Fr. Dennis Fahey, books on why the New Mass is inherently evil and television rots your brain… you know, the stuff you know in your heart of hearts is true but don’t want to write about on your blog out of fear that people will think you are some sort of reactionary weirdo… Truth be told, I spent too much time in that bookstore and bought only one, very reasonably priced book which I will review of on this page in the coming weeks. Spending too much time in that space exacted its price on me, for behind the counter was a rather snarky, and dare I say, bitter older woman who seemed to not have a nice thing to say about just about anyone. In the space of five minutes, she single-handedly condemned one person to Hell, excommunicated 99.9% of the priests of the Catholic Church, and managed to give creedence to every reactionary conspiracy in the book, all before morning coffee. But that is what I was expecting I guess. Truth be told, I don’t know what is scarier sometimes, my occasional trips to botanicas or these kinds of visits to my so-called “co-religionists”.
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