Why Sarita Colonia is venerated by the prostitutes of Lima

7 01 2009


Un día la santita iba caminando por una callejuela del Callao, cuando le salieron por delante unos hombres. Querían robarle y le revisaron los bolsillos. No encontrando nada de valor, decidieron violarla. Ella no se resistió; les dejó que rompan su vestido y la tumben al suelo. Pero cuando esos hombres abrieron sus piernitas, no les quedó más remedio que persignarse. El sexo había desaparecido. No tenía nada entre las piernas: era como un codo. Nada.

One day, the young saint was walking through an alleyway of Callao, when a bunch of men surrounded her. They wanted to rob her and they went through her pockets. They found nothing of any worth, so they decided to rape her. She didn’t resist them; she let them tear off her dress and they knocked her to the ground. But when those men opened her legs, they were shocked and made the Sign of the Cross.  Her feminine organ had disappeared. She had nothing between her legs: it was like an elbow. Nothing.

-found on this site

This more than likely never happened, but it is interesting nonetheless.

The Parody of Paganism in the Postmodern World

7 07 2008

Part II: How the radical lesbian Wicca-practicing “Chicana” feminist scholar is NOT like my grandmother

As I have stated before, there is a tendency amongst more educated Mexican-American middle class scholars to elevate the indigenous hertiage of Mexico over and above the “Hispanic” Catholic elements that have historically been more dominant. Pre-Columbian Mexico is seen as a paradise of pluralism, paganism and proto-feminism that was destroyed by Cortes and his merry band of male chauvinist pigs. In their minds as well, there has always been “resistance” to the destruction of the indigenous religion by the Catholic Church, and such images and practices as the Virgin of Guadalupe and folk healing known as curanderismo were encoded messages that passed on the true pagan faith from generation to generation. The radical feminist scholar, Gloria Anzaldua, wrote in this regard that the task of the “Chicana” (radical Mexican-American woman desperately seeking tenure) was to skip over her parent’s generation of “assimilation” towards the generation of the grandmothers, who through their being able to cure the evil eye with an egg are deemed to be secret pagans worshipping the Aztec mother goddess.
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The Maya Cosmos

17 04 2008

The Maya conceived of the world as a quadrilateral. At each of the cardinal points a Sky-bearer god sustained his quater of the world. Each Direction was identified by its own colour- red for the east, white for the north, black for the west, and yellow for the south- and possesed its own deities of wind and rain. At each corner of the world grew a tree, of the appropriate colour, while at the center, or the Fifth Direction, rose the great green silk-cotton tree, the Tree of the World, whose branches pierced the thirteen layers of the heavens. Below the world lay nine levels of the Underworld, a chill, bleak, shadowy place, where all Maya, save for those fortunate few  whose manner of death- in war, childbirth, or sacrifice- exempted them, were doomed to wander endlessly.

-Inga Clendinnen, Ambivalent Conquests- Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570