St. Michael Prayer in chant

6 12 2018

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The innovation of “Tradition”

3 09 2009

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The reign of novelty in the Catholic Church in the last 100 years

The monks at St. Vincent had always sung some chant, especially for the Divine Office, but had used the old Ratisbonne edition from Regensburg in Bavaria. In the early 1930’s a young monk-musician was sent to Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight where Solesmes monks lived in exile. He was to learn the new chant and introduce it at St. Vincent. The story goes that the old monks in anger rebelled against the new and created a scene tossing the Solesmes books into the middle of the choir. According to the Bavarian tradition, clearly noted in our monastic ceremonial, each antiphon at Vespers was to be intoned by a different monk… To help the monk so designated, I would first play the melody on the organ from the Solesmes edition, only to find that many of the older monks would intone instead the old Ratisbonne version, and this about a dozen years after the old had been abandoned.

-Archbishop Rembert Weakland, A Pilgrim in a Pligrim Church
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Attende Domine

6 03 2009