Are we really dumber?

2 01 2009


I found this article via the Conservative Blog for Peace. It seems that pundits are calling people my age the “dumbest generation”. I may have no problem admitting that. However, as in all things, I think context is key to truly understanding the issue.

Apparently, the argument goes that people who are 18-30 years of age know nothing about politics, history, geography, or anything else deemed to be “high culture”. I will tell you that this is completely true. Just looking at my younger siblings or even most of the kids I went to school with, their knowledge of such things is limited to non-existent. Whenever I go to classical music concerts or anything of that nature, the crowd is often geriatric compared to the general population. (This was even worse when I was an eighteen year old college student going to the opera.) So superficially, this article is completely right, though the question then becomes: “so what?”
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17 02 2008


Gee, Arturo, why another blog? Yours was doing so well. Well, for starters, I think the aim of the Sarabite  has run its course. For those who have been with me since the beginning, you know that I have been through a lot, and have been a lot of people. The blog was really a way of working my way through a lot of issues, and I have since settled down quite a bit. So this blog will hopefully have a more mellow, if equally untame, character.

I have full knowledge that in spite of any talents for writing I may or may not have, this blog will always have a relatively small readership. That is primarily because I simply don’t see things as most people do, and I take pride in being as eclectic as possible when it comes to many of my interests. I would not want to write any other way.

But for the few and the strange who do read this blog, it is hoped that you will find the new blog more user friendly and pleasing to look at. I hope to have all of my links well organized, and I would hope that all of you will change over to my new address if you do link here.

 The name, “reditus”, comes from the Latin terminology of the Neoplatonic design for all existence: things come forth from God (“exitus”) only to return to Him (“reditus”). The “aesthetic Christianity” stays, since it is still my concern to begin to understand Christianity with the eyes and the heart rather than with the rational and calculating mind.

Anyway, here goes…