Asian Fusion

1 05 2009

From two very different sources:

A setting of the Ave Maria by a Chinese composer, obviously from some centuries back. Performed by Hespèrion XXI and La Capella Reial de Catalunya. Found thanks to a “Facebook friend” who pointed this one out.

Bollywood meets classic Carnatic vocals. From the film, Morning Raga 2004

Krazzy 4

25 06 2008

On Bollywood movies, the English language, Argentine billboards, little black dresses, strip malls, the Fathers of the Church, and the role of language in religious discourse

One of the vices that AG has introduced me to is the joy of Bollywood movies. Since India is a poorer country and movie-goers have to get more bang for their buck, Bollywood films have to be over-the-top spectacles that boggle and overstimulate the mind into a complete entertainment stupor. The story lines are contrived, the plot twists barely worthy of belief, the dance sequences long, the women pretty, and everyone has a good time doing what they do best: dropping everything to dance and sing (or more often than not lip synch) at a moment’s notice. Here is an example from “Dhoom 2”, that AG and I recently watched:

(No, seriously, this movie is way cool. You should watch it.)
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