On being too late

15 04 2022


The Hercules of Hades is able to speak of his bravery. But he esteems it a small thing now that he has passed to a region more sacred and has arrived in the intelligible realm; he is now endowed with a strength more than Herculean for those battles which are the battles of the sages.

-Plotinus, The Enneads

Virtus in astra tendit, in mortem timor
Praesens ab astris, mater, Alcides cano.
Poenas cruentus iam tibi Eurytheus dabit:
Curru superbum vecta trancendes caput.
Me iam decet subire coelestem plagam:
Inferna vici rursus Alcides loca.

(Valour fares starward, fear, to the realm of death. In living presence, mother, from the stars Alcides speaks; soon shall bloody Eurystheus make thee full recompense; o’er his proud head shalt thou in triumph ride. But now ‘tis meet that I pass to the realm above; Alcides once again has conquered hell.)

-Seneca, Hercules Oetaeus



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20 11 2012
ふたなり 動画

I will make a friend.

13 06 2012

I love Hercules, I wanted read about it and came across this, lovely.

15 03 2012

I stopped at your blog to read what you wrote about Scott Hahn, and see you aren’t blogging anymore. I heard him this morning talking about envy.

16 01 2012

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6 12 2011
F. Cabal

¿Quién me dirá si un huevo es de torcaz o víbora? La mente no sabe leer lo que en el tiempo asoma; el hombre, como el huevo, en nido de dolor será serpiente ¡en nido de piedad será paloma!

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