Catholicism is just Palo Mayombe with better aesthetics

25 02 2019

Another manifestation of Cuthbert’s power that also can be dated to the 1160s concerns a stag that a knight named Robert in the Scottish province of Lothian tried to capture. It sought refuge in the cemetery of a church dedicated to St. Cuthbert. The dogs chasing the animal were not able to get inside the graveyard, and the stag remained there in the sanctuary. A young man defied the power of Cuthbert and got into the precinct┬áto attack the animal. The stag turned around and charged at a group of people watching. With its antlers it gored the evil man’s baby son, who subsequently died. ” Thus St. Cuthbert deservedly ordered that death be inflicted on the son of the man who chose to cheat his guest of his tranquility.”

The dogs then killed the stag, but no one dared to touch its carcass or eat of its flesh, which was left there to rot. Six months later, a craftsman defied the spot by trying to cut up the carcass. Even though it seemed to be dried out by then, blood shot forth and struck him in the forehead. Still, he dragged the animal to his home but was punished when blood began to ooze from the animal and fill the house, to such an extent that neighbors could see a river of red emerging from the building. “What should he do, where should he go, he was at a loss, for everywhere he sensed the danger of evil hanging over him?”

–from Brian Patrick McGuire’s Brother and Lover: Aelred of Rievaulx