Crisis of the Church re-runs

29 12 2018

I am less than amused by the fake outrage that conservatives in the Catholic Church perform every time some prelate who should know better states what he really believes, this time about the Virgin Birth. These people have been Catholic for more than 24 hours, right? Real life doesn’t play out like the screen play of Memento, where the protagonist keeps forgetting what happened only a short time ago. So why are they surprised when someone high up in the Church doesn’t believe what the “latest and best” scholarship (which they were probably educated in in seminary) has refuted about Jesus Christ’s birth?

The frame of mind of the modern Catholic, from the most liberal to the conspiracy theory-driven Fatima apparition fanatic, is basically rationalist to the core anyway. Even when miracles are believed in, they are emphatically posited as exceptions. Belief in the supernatural is quite forced, and its benefits to society are emphasized as an incentive to swallow the bitter pill of the universe just not making sense sometimes. The Catholic Church long ago ceded the ground of explaining the universe to science, so when the Catholic Church mandates that we continue to believe this or that miracle (the Resurrection, Virgin Birth, etc.) it really is a leap into the absurd. So some people no longer make that leap. Why is anyone surprised?