The Catholic exodus

20 12 2018

Rod Dreher linked to a story about why young people are leaving the Catholic Church, which had no surprises in it. A disproportionate number of respondents to a survey said they left due to the teachings about sexual ethics, again, no surprises there. I suppose it has been a question of my formation, but I have never understood why people today separate licentiousness in sexuality from permissiveness in other aspects of life. That is perhaps the wisdom of the great sages of yesteryear, who are now universally reviled for strictly forbidding genital-to-genital contact except in defined circumstances. Supposedly one can have intercourse with a man, woman, dog, table leg, imaginary cartoon character, etc. etc. and that will NOT be detrimental to any other aspect of life, be that the respect for other people’s property, their bodily person, etc. etc. As if one of the reasons people covet property or enact violence have nothing to do with sex… I am not saying that if people kept it in their pants, they would suddenly be saints in all other aspects of life. But why would people be saints in everything if only they were allowed to be licentious in affairs of the flesh? For me, it doesn’t follow. Read the rest of this entry »