A funny anecdote

1 08 2011

I heard this before, but am glad I found confirmation from another source:

Towards the end of the “making of …” featurette [for Dr. Zhivago], Geraldine Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin’s daugher) recalls that during filming late one night (about 3:00 am) the script called for a crowd of local Spanish extras to march through the streets of “Moscow” (near Madrid) waving huge red communist banners and singing the Communist “Internationale.” Ms Chaplin said that, much to the crew’s surprise, the Spanish extras all seemed to know the song. As well, they sang it with particular enthusiasm — so much so that the police-state police showed up to “monitor” the proceedings. The really amusing part, though, came when Ms Chaplin related how local Spanish villagers, roused from their sleep by the boisterous singing of the Internationale, began popping open wine bottles in celebration. It seems they thought that the joyful singing meant that Franco must have died.




4 responses

2 08 2011
C. Wingate

And they knew it in Russian? Holy Stalinist influence, Batman!

3 08 2011
Abba Poemen the Ubermensch

That’s funny.

8 08 2011

Oh, and now Hollywood made a “Cristiada” film. The tables have turned. I wonder how ŽIžek will interpret this pop-culture.

9 09 2011

I used to live in a little Spanish village and on the poor side of the town. The neighbours were one unemployed, the next one mentally impaired, another one very old, alone and disabled, another one only employed in December when the olves are harvested. Next to my house there were caves that had been inhabited until the 90s. I also owned a cave and actually fixed it up. Had to kill many spiders, one of them a mother of 100.
All of these people incl the spiders were communists.
what do you think that they thought that communism was?
!!! !!

One of them had a brother who was dying of silicosis, a miner.
His last wish in this life was to travel to Moscow to see

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