Dos Meditaciones

19 07 2011


Considera, alma mía, esta textura
Áspera al tacto, a la que llaman vida.
Repara en tantos hilos tan sabiamente unidos
Y en el color, sombrío pero noble,
Firme, y donde ha esparcido su resplandor el rojo.
Piensa en la tejedora; en su paciencia
Para recomenzar
Una tarea siempre inacabada.

Y odia después, si puedes.


Hombrecito, ¿qué quieres hacer con tu cabeza?
¿Atar al mundo, al loco, loco y furioso mundo?
¿Castrar al potro Dios?
Pero Dios rompe el freno y continua engendrando
Magníficas criaturas,
Seres salvajes cuyos alaridos
Rompen esta campana de cristal.

-Rosario Castellanos


Consider, my soul, that texture,
Harsh to the touch, that they call life.
She mends so many threads so wisely bound,
And in color, dark but noble,
Firm, and where red has dispersed its splendor.
Think of the weaver; in her patience
To restart
A task never finished.

And afterwards try to hate, if you can.


Little man, what is it you want to do with that head of yours?
Tie up this crazy, oh so crazy, and furious world?
Castrate that colt who is God?
But God breaks the bridle and keeps on begetting
Magnificent creatures,
Wild beings whose howls
Break this glass bell.



2 responses

19 07 2011
owen white

I think this may be my favorite of all the poems you have posted. For some reason I was especially enchanted when I learned that Rosario Castellanos died the day after I was born. It seems only a couple of her books have been translated into English, which inspires me to work harder on my Spanish. Thanks for this one.

9 07 2008

Son metafisicos y provocan a pensar mas profundo sobre lo que no vemos pero esta muy cerca de nuestras corazones. Mucho gusto.

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