On having more kids

7 07 2011

This article is the suggested reading for this post.

Reading certain conservative cultural sites, one problem that they see particularly in developed societies is that people are not having children. The logic (which I do see) goes that if we are to have any sort of safety net, we need actual workers working in order to support all of the retired workers or those who can’t work. Fair enough, the math is pretty easy in that regard. But if you take societies where the unemployment rate is 10-20% for the general population, and higher among young people (those of childbearing age), then what incentive do people have to start a family? In other words, I see how the evil Pill and rampant fornication on the part of my parents’ generation may have got us into this mess considering current economic laws and expectations. I just don’t see how such laws can get us out of them. It just seems a nice example of Monday morning quarterbacking.

In the short term, I don’t view this solution as being anything more than advocacy for the expansion and worsening of the working class slum. And no one is going to do that voluntarily. People can argue that this is what we have to do to pay the piper. We’ve been living high off the hog for far too long, and people have to start producing eight children with no visible safety net so they can all compete for the meager jobs that are left. That, and going back on the gold standard and abolishing the central bank. That will solve the problem.

That just seems like the economics of fantasy land.

I make a modest lower middle class income. I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to have more than two kids. If I have more, God should come down and slap me upside the head.