On incentives

7 06 2011

I stole this from my cousin. I just thought that it was interesting.



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14 06 2011

I kinda find it funny and ironic that Yoko Ono wanted to sue Ben Stein for using her late husband’s song “Imagine” in Expelled. BTW – I am neither endorsing or condemning that movie since I have not seen it yet.

14 06 2011

Oh BTW, MacOs is actually based off of Unix, an open source operating system.

14 06 2011

Is there anything worse than smug Silicon Valley nerds blathering about the need for purpose and how their company rises above the profit motive and creates ‘awareness’ and is ‘socially engaged’ and blah blah ad nauseum? Apparently yes — a cartoon lecture that attempts to justify these smug nerds.

Whatever the merits of open-source technologies and ideas, these people need to get it into their heads that they are not going to usher in a glorious new techno-communist utopia. Wikipedia is 93% Simpsons trivia at this point and Linux is biased against non-Aspergers, so any trumpet-blaring heralding the open source revolution is plainly premature.

7 06 2011

Capitalism, as we study Marx, ultimately leads to monopoly and the limitation of creativity. In our primitive way of thinking we need to create profits for the bourgeoisie. When you give the illusion of creating your own work you get the above mentioned results. Imagine if workers actually owned the factory and reap all of its fruits instead of giving all their profits to a capitalist overlord or a Stalinist bureaucrat.

Science should only be used for the benefit of humanity. Our current mode of production has the capability to feed everyone in the world and give them a good standard of living. What hinders us, monopoly of wealth by the bourgeoisie who threaten to starve us if we don’t do something a certain way. I use the example of operating systems because most computers are dominated by two operating systems that are fundamentally flawed and allow no room for improvement. I work at a university and the computers we work with and that are given to students are either P.C.’s or MACs. There is no Linux computers available. So these two operating systems have a cartel and a flawed one at that. However, I am not a Linux Utopian, although I prefer computers with a Linux operating system because it is free and one can modify it. I really don’t respect private intellectual property, why should I? Restricting information in the Soviet Union in one of the factors for the stagnation of the Soviet economy.

The video in this post shows a little of what can be done if people are allowed to work outside the capitalist task system. I believe it is an imperfect system because profit still is a motivation in the work.

7 06 2011

Behavorial Physics? Is there such a thing?

This might be food for thought but in the real world I don’t think his theory will work. Just a matter of time before the corporate consultants take this presenetation, formulate some slogans and then market to the corporate world. They will gross a few million before going on to the next guru corporate fad.

E: This is capitalism. They market creativity for profits.

7 06 2011

Excellent post! I like RSAnimation in general, but this is one of the best ones I’ve seen from them!

7 06 2011

Unix and Linux are an open platform systems. They are for free and are open source. If you can figure out something that is better than Windows or MacOS, why not try to make something better? Wouldn’t it be nice to beat the big guys?

7 06 2011

It is capitalism which hinders creativity. How many inventions and innovations have been suppressed by the corporations because of their monopolies? The Windows monopoly on operating systems has led to an inferior product vunerable to many viruses and malware. Also Apple is about to be hit with viruses, all this because of the corporations need to dominate.

Also I believe the stresses in life like worrying about your bills because you underpaid results in distractions from achieving more innovations. It is all about power when it comes to the bourgeoisie. They are true parasite that inhibit the social evolution of mankind. You free people from the threat of starvation and death, as well as competition you achieve great things. Also everyone should have access to all information, you patent it it restricts information.

7 06 2011
Daniel Nichols

Speaking of incentives, how about this? http://sarabitus.blogspot.com/2005/12/sarabite-manifesto.html

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