On tradition

27 04 2011

When, at the beginning of this century, Bela Bartok transcribed hundreds of Hungarian folk songs, he provoked the lasting animosity of the partisans of Romantic national revival precisely by literally executing their programme of reviving authentic ethnic roots… In Slovenia, the Catholic Church and the nationalists paint an idyllic picture of the nineteenth-century countryside – so no wonder that when, a couple of years ago, the ethnological notebooks of a Slovene writer from the time (Janez Trdina) were published, they were largely ignored: they provide a picture of daily life in the countryside full of child fornication and rape, alchoholism, brutal violence…

-Slavoj Zizek, The Ticklish Subject




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30 04 2011

I am not ashamed that I am the descendants of drunken, religious fanatics, who were the subjects and objects of brutal violence.
I read somewhere that in the 1916/1917 Mexico, the government wanted to place a ban the sacrament of confession in the Mexican constitution. The only thing which stopped this from going through is that deputy Lizares said that although confession is immoral, other immoral things like masturbation, are impossible to punish.

28 04 2011

My great-great-great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian on the reservation in North Carolina. Actually, it may not have been a reservation yet, and she may have been in semi-hiding–given the time scale here, it wouldn’t have been too terribly long after the Trail of Tears, and the Cherokee who escaped more or less went more or less underground in western North Carolina until the situation was legalized.

Anyway, family oral history has it that great-great-great grandfather kidnapped great-great-great grandmother from under her family’s noses. The details are very vague beyond that, but they had many descendants, myself included. Family tradition has it that she adapted pretty well to the white man’s culture except that always refused to sit in chairs, preferring to sit on the floor in the tradition cross-legged way. Go figure.

There are other interesting irregularities in my ancestry, but that’s the most colorful.

27 04 2011
Owen White

One of my great-great-great grandfathers ran off with another man’s wife on two horses that belonged to her husband. When the husband got home and discovered the wife and horses were gone, he got a posse together, tracked them down, and hung my ancestor and the wife for horse thievery. Fortunately for me my great-great-great grandfather was himself already married at this time, and had several children, one of whom was my great-great grandfather.

27 04 2011
Sam Urfer

I have at least one ancestor who was burned at the stake at the instigation of her cousin. Fun times, the 15th century.

27 04 2011

I forgot that there is union thuggery (your grandpa and grandma) in your lineage. Despite all this, you are still just an old Mexican. You are the poster child for strict border control, damn anchor baby bringing Sharia Law with pork and tequila. There have been several posts on this blog that proves it. ‘merica love it or leave it..USA…USA…USA…

27 04 2011

Well, I’ve discovered I’m a descendent of Jacqueline Lemelle, who seems to be a favored case study for researchers into female slaves and free women of color in the 18th century.

And I’ve found a white great-great-grandfather who seems to have decided to pass for mulatto after the Civil War. Huh.

27 04 2011

When it comes to the “good old days,” I think we can all agree that they were “old” and they were “days.” Whether they were “good” is up for dispute. I’ve look a bit into my own family tree, and it left me more confused than when I started. I did find a mulatto German speaking pirate, though.

27 04 2011

You have bourgeoisie and French in your bloodline, and that is only what we partly know. You are not pure proletarian and your lineage is full of drifters and anti-social people. You are a mut, I will leave it that. Embrace it.

27 04 2011

Not only that but the supposedly Christian promoters of “family values” seem to forget the NT passages in which Jesus says one should hate father and mother, than one who loves parents more than him is not worthy of him, that it’s better to be a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, that the dead should bury their dead, etc. If the “family values” crowd only knew what an anti-family screed that dust-covered black tome is….

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