13 04 2011

The above was a surprisingly good documentary considering that it was all about a particular font.

The impetus for this post comes from this interview in Salon.



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13 04 2011
john burnett

Confucian: I’ve read the same reseach— and its opposite! I think it’s all just what people like.

But anyway, Helvetica (the movie) definitely rocks! I liked especially the part where the one designer said she thought it was the real cause behind the Vietnam War.

Butterfly effect, i suppose.

13 04 2011
The Western Confucian

Ergonomic research I once read showed the fonts with serifs, unlike the sans-serif Helvetica, were much easier to read.

13 04 2011

Otto von Bismarck:

Deutsche Bücher in lateinischen Buchstaben lese ich nicht!

“I won’t read German-language books in Latin typeface!”

13 04 2011

Objectified is also good.

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