The other political side of spiritism

24 03 2011

A medium possessed by Pancho Villa curing people.

Oddly enough, this sort of reminds me of my grandparents (also from the Mexican state of Coahuila) who would drag us to charismatic prayer meetings, where the leader would go into a trance and start speaking in tongues while we were praying the rosary. Not necessarily my cup of tea now, but I don’t see a huge difference between that and what is portrayed above.

E. can step in and tell me if he remembers that.



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26 04 2011
Jessica S

I don’t mind the bad language Pancho Villa uses … I’m catholic and yet I don’t hide and speak bad about others but I’m not a saint and if you read some verses from the bible especially Via Crusis (I’m not sure how to spell it) you’ll see we are human and are not capable of understanding greater powers and that’s why we ask for help in every sense, Faith being a topic of great importance. Everyone has their own personalities and you either respect or don’t follow. Give importance to whom you believe in without judging others.

29 03 2011
C. Wingate

I guess W.E.B. DuBois on teh Episcopal Church calendar is OK then.

And have I just missed it or is Moctezuma doing healings too?

25 03 2011

No recreudo de esto. No m*mes. Te vas a allevar cab*%^. Trai me una chela, voy a pistiar con el mero chi****, Chuy. This entry is very Mexican. Heck, I don’t think I would have left if this woman was leading the prayer meeting, I would have went twice a day and would’ve been very religious. Don’t click on this if you don’t like profanity: Combine with this woman, I would been inspired to follow the path of the cloth.

24 03 2011
Jesse Rodriguez

I am a believer of Nino Fidencio and i Have believed in Tomasito Herrera and Pancho Villa and came to know that these spirits are not Seres de Luz!!!Nino Fidencio y la Nina Aurorita are SERES DE LUZ!!!Pancho Villa cannot heal because he was not a Saint,he cant heal he is not a ser de luz he killed,raped and alot of stuff more against GOD!!Nino fidencio was humble,poor and had all the Holy Spirits Gifts or Dones like bondad,caridad and all those others!!!people dont let ur self get confused on seres de luz that are only usurpando Gods name.The only really most best is Fidencio and on another side the saint,angels and those!!

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