Los Brujos del Poder

23 03 2011

A little on the spiritist influence on Mexican politics, with some bad production values and conspiracry theories thrown in for good measure.



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23 03 2011

Yup the bourgeoisie love the occult. Look at the recent bombings of Libya, the American gov’t launched it on Minerva’s birthday, the Roman Goddess of War, unleashing a blood orgy. You will also see American politicians giving the devil horns at strange times. I am an atheist, I could care less what they believe in, however when it involves blood sacrifices of innocents, that is evil. It is part of their debauched pursuit of power, they will steam roll over all for their maintenance of power.

23 03 2011
Jesse Rodriguez

aun no entiendo porque le llaman brujos del poder si el espiritismo no es malo se puede usar para el mal pero aqui se supone que lo usan para el bien y para consejos buenos….

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