A picture is worth, et al.

16 03 2011

Sort of where I am religiously at this point.

If you need a translation, you suck.



3 responses

17 03 2011

Okay, I suck. I know. I’m guessing Google translator is getting the last sentence a little wrong, “Please do not be f**king.” Is that kind of like, “Don’t f**k with me”?

17 03 2011
Charles Curtis

buen chiste. I think I’ll put that in my own window, even though the local jw’s and mormons aren’t probably going to get the point, it’ll make me laugh.

which is what you keep doing, arturo. thanks.

16 03 2011

LIving in Juarez I saw signs with the first part of the message. Never actually saw one so assertive as that last part, though. LOL

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