A new Syllabus?

18 01 2011

Found at Vox Nova, this article was very much of interest to me, in that I think there is a profound forgetfulness as to why Vatican II happened in the first place. Calling for a new Syllabus of Errors strikes me as one of those paradoxical statements, such as “no freedom for the enemies of freedom”. For a council that explicitly aimed to convince rather than condemn (seen in the tragicomic governing style of John Paul II – except if you were a Marxist), the final farcical act would be to use authority for anti-authoritarian purposes (“I said be convinced about our communion of love, dammit, or you’re out of the Church!”) I guess I may have been right about Papa Ratzinger’s reign as being the “Thermidor of Vatican II”. Only this time, I think the Napoleon preceeded Thermidor. Hey, these things never work themselves out like we think they will. Maybe we should now wait for the 1848 of the Church, or even the 1917.

Richard Rodriguez on our current situation

18 01 2011

Via the Western Confucian:

I am about to make a point so simple that I am astonished few in what we used to call the American Left, have bothered to say it. In fact, it is corporate America that is profiting mightily from the uncivil war Americans are waging against each other. The real players in the game are up in the luxury boxes. And they are not named Glenn Beck or Jon Stewart. They are executives at News Corp. and GE and Disney and Comcast (which will soon own NBC)…

Fox News also sent the indomitable patriot, Sean Hannity, to the border to reinforce support for the valor of Minutemen who train their gaze southward. What Hannity did not discuss, during his stint on the border, was the way American drug addiction has destabilized various countries in the world, including Colombia, Afghanistan and, of course, Mexico…

The reason the Right is noisier than the Left in this strange game we are all forced to watch or hear is that the Right has big-balloon figures – shouting radio personalities and politicians with gams. The dour Left has no big balloons, just plenty of grump. Ironically, the Left ends up as obsessed as her devoted fans seem to be, albeit negatively, with a cartoon creature like Palin.

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Of course, I also liked his swipe against “Chicano education” as ethnic tribalism. As my days as a Trotskyist taught me, ethnic nationalism is one of the preferred rhetorical lifeboats of the bourgeoisie.