The Shock Doctrine

30 11 2010

AG and I saw a longer version of this film on T.V. recently. I recommend it.



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30 11 2010
Arturo Vasquez

Perhaps this is the most “superstitious” position of all: that somehow “free market capitalism” is exempt from the violent laws of history, that it somehow overtakes them and ends them (Fukuyama). “If only people accepted liberal free market capitalism willingly everything would be alright”, “society would function better without the state”, “we can have free market capitalism without militarism”, “the real problem is the outsider who messes things up for the rest of us (the immigrant, the Muslim, the communist, etc.)” Perfectly rational people become witch doctors once you mention “Hayek” or “free market”: history becomes irrelevant, theory is all that matters; if history does not fit my theory, it’s history’s fault, and so on.

30 11 2010

Also on the same topic: Memoria del Saqueo

how Argentina’s private debt was forced on the public, and how the struggle continues…

30 11 2010

No doubt governments generate “shock” on societies to line their pockets and increase misery on the majority. I just think some people are not understanding the real definition of “free market.” LIke “liberal” I think the meaning has changed in modern US discourse. The original laisseiz-faire liberals would hardly call the modern US or China a free market society.
Neo-cons are very good at sounding like conservatives, but really they are just another version of World Revolutionaries spreading “free-market democracy” by force.

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