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9 11 2010

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Christian conservatives in this country would generally be horrified to offer the benefits to pregnant women that are offered in much of Western Europe (where, in most countries, third trimester abortion is against the law – for all that you hear about Russia and abortion, most American Christians who like to bitch about Russian abortions do not know that in Russia and in most of the former Soviet states abortion is illegal after 12 weeks of pregnancy, in Germany it is illegal after 14 weeks – while 36 U.S. states prohibit 3rd trimester abortion, the states that do allow it account for nearly half of the U.S. population – and no U.S. state bans abortions prior to 20 weeks), but the irony is that America, with the most vocal and active pro-life activism in the world, has abortion policies which are among the most draconian in the world. In most of Europe, there are substantial material benefits for women in their third trimester of pregnancy, and for a time (9 months to 5 years) after the birth of their child. In the United States we offer little in comparison by way of benefits to pregnant women and new mothers, and we “produce” the vast majority of the third trimester fetal tissue bought and used for research in the world. But yes, I know, why should Christians have to pay taxes for mothers to not kill their own children? Yeah, sure. So instead we will support a political party which will offer them easy and bad credit, will send them and/or what children they do have off to fight pointless wars, will help them get diabetes from all of their consumption of cheap foods filled with Monsanto created high fructose corn syrup, and preaches the Gospel of work hard so that thou canst entertain thyself. People who have to work hard at shit jobs so that they can come home and watch cable while eating processed foods generally do not want to be bothered by small children. That is simply a reality. To reduce abortion, we have to increase rootedness. Stable jobs, stable communities, a large safety net for pregnant women and families with small children. But of course, some American welfare policies in the past have led to increased unrootedness, and that must mean that all state interference will destroy families, even restricting corporate manipulation of family life. Good grief. That some pro-life congressmen and women have been elected (even a couple blacks, yippee!) is neither here nor there with regard to the creation of a culture that supports family life. A pro-life Republican will inevitably vote for policies as hostile to a family seeking rootedness and stability as those Democrats so hated by the Dobsonistas, if not moreso.

I suppose all of this is why I am never prepared to automatically excommunicate people who vote for those who defend abortion rights. It’s not that I think people in an ideal world should not ban abortion. It is more that I am highly skeptical that anyone means business anymore. It is more a way to just score points: an exercise in cheap virtue.

My solution, like I said last week, is just not to vote.