Notes for a busy week

8 11 2010

I don’t really understand people who want an authoritarian religion but a free state. Or rather, why do some value freedom so much in the political realm but abhor it in the religious realm? And why are people so shocked and dismayed that most people value personal “freedom” in both, especially in its “cafeteria” manifestation?

Personally, I think it would be a good idea to have an laissez-faire attitude towards religion but an authoritarian attitude towards politics. Wouldn’t that make more sense on some level? It certainly would make things interesting. Life on the ground in traditional Catholic regimes wasn’t exactly like that, but it was something like: “you may believe whatever you want as long as you sign on half-heartedly to our dogmas and empty rituals, but if you cross our police force…”

Then again, I have never really been all too concerned with what freedoms I have, but what I do with those supposed freedoms. I have long ago considered “human rights” to be a superstition founded neither in religion nor sane philosophy.