Some music for the weekend

5 11 2010



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10 05 2011

Sorry. I meant to say that in that regard, i.e. philosophy, it was a cajón de sastre which, by the way, is a tailor’s drawers where you might find buttons, scissors, threads, nail clippers, needles, crackers, glasses, a pencil that needs sharpening, a pencil sharpener, aspirins, clothes pins, chalk, an old calender (todavía puede servir), and several other items.

10 05 2011

I don’t know anything at all about music, and this might be a good place to start, but I am at the office and cannot have any sound.

These music posts were filed under “baroque”, and that term also is something to be on the lookout for. —

After all, the Reditus blogger knows a lot about philosophy, but it is a cajón del sastre.

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