Notes on election day

2 11 2010

I haven’t voted in twelve years. And even then, I’ve only voted once in my entire life, and that was back when I was an orthodox Trotskyist. I think I voted for the Peace and Freedom Party. I don’t intend on voting ever again.

Americans are some of the most naively credulous people on earth. When I was living in Argentina, it was the law that you HAD to vote on election day. And in spite of this, mass numbers of people still didn’t vote. Try telling an Argentine about elections and the “will of the people”, and she will probably laugh in your face. But in the United States, we somehow have a metaphysical duty to participate in “democracy”. I was a monk once, and it just seems to be a whole lot of watering the stick. “Just a few more election cycles, and we’ll get rid of abortion / poverty / bigotry / etc.”. If I were a “good American”, I would probably believe in that, just as I would believe in the tooth fairy, Bigfoot, and the power of the All-Holy Constitution to make the U.S. into a “shining city on a hill”.
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