On the rule of law

12 10 2010

When I first got to Argentina for seminary (the SSPX no less), it was made clear to me that I wasn’t in America anymore. In the first few days before classes, I was drafted into cleaning up a bit. The brother in charge, a Mexican, told me to empty the garbage and burn it out back. Still fresh off the aiplane, I asked him rather stupidly whether or not it was legal to burn garbage in Argentina. “No,” was his response, as he handed me a container full of kerosene. He also warned me that I needed to be careful, because there might be some batteries in the trash.

I will admit, I am a pretty scrupulous person when it comes to following rules. Like most Americans, when I come to a red light at three in the morning, I stop. Of course for me as a Catholic, I am more afraid of getting caught than anything else. There was a sign outside a Catholic church in Berkeley that directed outgoing traffic not to turn left. I would always tell AG that we were Catholic and not Presbyterians, and turn left anyway.
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