Scenic roads that lead to nowhere

23 09 2010

This was an interesting video, but as with many things in Zizek, I don’t see where he’s going with it. The ride gives a panoramic view of things, but I wouldn’t get in the car to get anywhere with him.

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27 09 2010

Yeah, a man who says that he waits for a second worldwide Bolshevik revolution similar to the fashion in which Christians await the Parousia is suspect in my eyes.

26 09 2010

He’s a Marxist in the way that you’re a Catholic.

He is trying to help jumpstart History again and break people out of their unacknowledged ideology of neoliberal capitalism/post-political biopolitics. He is for the continuing of the Enlightenment not in the sense of Progress but out of love for humanity that is crushed by the powers that be. He wants to reintegrate Christianity and Christian culture into the Enlightenment and Marxism – he doesn’t believe that Enlightenment humanism can exist on its own. It needs Christianity to function… he believes that the Incarnation is essential to Christianity, the Enlightenment, and the future communism, and that this is the raising of humanity to universal brotherhood, equality, etc. Seriously, he is one of the most interesting, important, and beneficial thinkers on the scene today.

He advocates the dictatorship of the proletariat that leads to socialism, but he rereads and changes all those terms.

He is a weird sort of Hegelian Lacanian atheist Christian Deleuzian Leninist, if that makes sense.

26 09 2010
Arturo Vasquez

I most certainly will. I suppose, as a former Marxist, I am used to Marxists beating you over the head with solutions. Although I admit that that is pretty tiresome to anyone who isn’t of the choir, so to speak.

26 09 2010

Read more Zizek – his political goal is to help create the possibility of a new communism of all the people who lose out in the neoliberal/coming transhumanist order, including traditional religious groups and whatnot, a sort of communist Hezbollah in every country that sets up a parallel government and society that is within but not of the neoliberal order. Also, he reintroduces the idea of violence and struggle… something that’s sort of been off the table for any alternate political ideology to broach since 68. He’s also a lot more entertaining and easy to read than Badiou.

His book the Fragile Absolute is probably the best book I’ve read on the spirit of Christianity written by an atheist. He is a Christian sort of atheist.

24 09 2010
Arturo Vasquez

My own sense is that he doesn’t seem to be a classical Marxist, in that he does not seem to advocate a dictatorship of the proletariat that leads to socialism, and so forth. What good are ideas if you have no apparatus with which to implement them? At least Foucault could give the “care of self” as a goal of his philosophy: a sort of Stoic balance with which one confronts the cold universe. Is Zizek trying to continue the Enlightenment project, and if so, why should be believe in it in the first place? Like I said, it’s interesting, but I don’t know what you would do with it.

24 09 2010
Charles Curtis

Yeah. Isn’t Zizek a professed materialist? I never trust them. If you profess no hope in transcendence, then why even worry? I mean, so long as you live an enjoyable life now? Because without transcendence you can’t seriously believe in anyone’s personhood (either self or other) as an ontological reality. Zizek can babble on all he wants, but why does he even bother?

It’s people like Soros and the rest of those with immense wealth that are truly scary.. They often talk good game, but their actions (or lack thereof) leave me worried.. “Charity” is reduced to the merest of actions, a sort of window-dressing, a propaganda action to soften opposition to the blunt brutality of capitalist exploitation of the poor..

The rich clearly do not care about the poor – or for that matter, the middle class. In fact, the thinkers amongst them likely see us all as a type of vermin that must be eventually controlled, perhaps ultimately by some rather brutal acts..

I mean, in the absence of Christian faith or some other metaphysical rationale, they cannot seriously have any reason not to collude against the masses who are “ruining the planet” and all that.. What reason do they have to be sentimental, after all?

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