Eastern Catholicism – UR DOIN IT WRONG!

18 09 2010

Source: a new church in Romania

Honestly, I am sort of in the “f$%k it” stage of Catholicism right now. Hey, if it makes some old women happy, why the hell not!? On Eagles’ Wings? Sure, sing your little heart out! Infant of Prague statues? Hey, I rock that stuff myself. Want to hand out Communion to your friends? Hey, the Pope said it was okay. Because as long as we keep the old ladies happy, everything will be alright. Once they get pissed off, there will be a shit storm that will make us all head for the hills in panic. Mark my words, all you sherry-sippin’, effeminate bastards who actually care two maniple shakes about the liturgy. Let them have their way, or we will all be in big trouble!