Our anti-ultramontanist quote of the week

15 09 2010

Stolen from here:

“By the way, will you give a message from me to the Roman Ordinary? Tell him to look after his own diocese and not to write any more Encyclicals. Also, that there were twelve apostles and that all bishops are their successors. Also, to read the works of St. Paul, also to open his front door and walk out, also that the faith handed to our father is more important than either the Sacred Heart or certain alleged happenings at Lourdes.”

Adrian Fortescue DD, letter, 18/06/1920

Of course, I am conflicted about this quote. On the one hand, I don’t like his distaste for the miraculous and popular religion (i.e. the Sacred Heart and Lourdes). On the other hand, I do think the Pope should “mind his own business” so to speak. I don’t see why the Pope can’t just be some Italian guy who we think is the successor of St. Peter, all the while paying very little attention to him.

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a sympathetic quote from such an unlikely place.