David Mills, eat your friggin’ heart out!

1 09 2010

The source of this is a way cool blog.

Folk saints, Lady Gaga, and paganism. One of the best web finds of the year.



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3 09 2010

I used the image of those prayer candles for my Religion 200 class today. Thanks for the link!

1 09 2010
Sam Urfer

True story.

1 09 2010
Sam Urfer

Very interesting post, and an interesting blog. He seems to have an obsession with the Ground Zero Mosque issue, and in his paganism has a slight flavor of Evangelical Fundamentalism (equal and opposite reaction), but I can hardly hold that against anybody.

1 09 2010
Arturo Vasquez

Therapeutic deism sucks, whether it comes from the left, or the right.

1 09 2010
Syncretism: Because We Can! « The Lonely Goth’s Guide to Independent Catholicism

[…] Egregores, defending the introduction of Lady GaGa prayer candles.  (Shamelessly borrowed from Arturo Vasquez, and posted primarily to annoy David […]

1 09 2010

You have outdone yourself, sir!

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