24 08 2010

I have never been a Zionist, but regardless of that the above was a disturbing film. (Spoiler alert) I thought that the last scene with the Israeli kids at Auschwitz working themselves up to some sort of emotional catharsis whereby they would hate the enemies of Israel forever was particularly illuminating. It really was ideology at its worst.



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26 08 2010

I haven’t been to this site before, but I must admit I’m scratching my head over what this post has to do with Aesthetic Christianity.

25 08 2010

I just watched this yesterday (came up on my Netflix recommendations), and thought it was pretty well done. It plays pretty fair I think, even though the filmmaker’s opinions are evident (though not gratingly so). It showed Finkelstein at his worst, while still largely defending his outlook, which says a lot for the honesty of the project.

The most interesting part to me was the exchanges over whether combating antisemitism and the Holocaust industry were, in fact, a “substitute religion”, a way to identify as Jewish without, well, being a religious Jew.

For anyone reading this who is more on the line about watching it or not, let me also mention that the film is frequently very, very funny.

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