You are alone

11 08 2010

Tú eres sola
entre las multitudes

como son sola
la luna

Y sólo el sol
en el cielo

ayer estabas en el estadio

en medio de miles de gentes
y te divisé desde
que entré

igual que si hubieras
estado sola
en un estadio vacío

-Ernesto Cardenal

You are alone
in the midst of the crowds

as the moon is alone

and the sun is alone
in the sky

yesterday you were in the stadium

in the middle of thousands of people
and I made you out
from the time I entered

just as if you had been
all alone
in an empty stadium.



2 responses

11 08 2010
Eden Pastora

Is this the Ernesto Cardenal from Nicaraugua

11 08 2010
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