The Examined Life

5 08 2010

Some notes on the film

This is a 2008 film of conversations with philosophers. Most are probably philosophers that readers here would never have heard of, but I thought the film watchable in spite of its rather unusual subject.

On the talk by Kwame Anthony Appiah:

Above the philosopher speaks of “cosmopolitanism”. While many readers here might read this as a typical liberal critique of Western logocentric structures of thought, I don’t think one can argue that there are fundamental differences between our lives and the lives of our not so distant ancestors. We can often pass more people in a day than most of our ancestors would have passed in their lifetimes. We also deal with a far greater variety of people than we would have access to even a couple of generations ago. I do think that there is a compelling case that we are not epistemologically equipped to deal with the broad diversity of people in our current society.
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