On statues

4 08 2010

Their properties have been represented for us by the theurgic art in its statues of the gods, whom it clothes in the most varied figures. Some of them it portrays by means of mystic signs that express the unknowable divine potencies; others it represents through forms and shapes, making some standing, other sitting, some heart-shaped, some spherical, and some fashioned still otherwise; some simple, other composed of several shapes; some stern, others mild and expressing the benignity of the gods; and others still fearful in shape.

-Proclus, from A Commentary on the First Book of Euclid’s Elements



3 responses

9 07 2013

Really interesting, I haven’t seen that quote before.

5 08 2010
Arturo Vasquez

Those would be cool if I ever decided to be a drug dealer.

5 08 2010

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