Re-run on cosmic symbols

12 07 2010

Just to show you folks that I haven’t changed all that much…

The following is a four year old essay on the old blog. I am brushing up on my Neoplatonic theurgy, so you might as well follow along. I think since I have written this essay, I have become far more sober about the nature of liturgy and Christianity in general. Insofar as they preserve any sense of the “primitive ontology” that is at the heart of ancient discourse, they do so purely by accident. But without further ado, here is your dose of Iamblichus

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2 responses

19 07 2010
Henry Karlson

Don’t let it be known on InsideCatholic you study occult writings like Iamblichus and Ficino’s Books of Life. 😉

13 07 2010

A similar insight came to me as well: we are no longer living the kind of agrarian, season based lifestyle that nurtured and sustained the traditional practices of the Church, at least not in the post-modern west. All the material and social supports are gone, and in the face of that, spirituality can only become more and more abstract and amorphous. Because of this, traditionalism collapses into a kind of affected lifestyle choice, a moral aestheticism with little connection with the dirt and grime of life, and with very little humility.

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