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9 07 2010

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Propose solutions?
As if the world were not drowning in solutions!

-Nicolás Gómez Dávila from here

Seriously, people, I am not trying to convince you to do one thing or another. I am not in it to convince you of the “right” or “wrong” decision. You should make the best decision, and only you know what that is.

I am not a philosophical used car salesman. I am not trying to hide the blemishes of a system just so that you can be on my side and be a feather in my cap. If that is too much for some to bear, then don’t read. Simple as that.



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14 07 2010

I think that in some ways, that is too simplistic of an answer as to “how to read this blog.” If there’s a general motto to your blog, I’d say it’s to become human. And if there’s such a thing as an answer, it’s found in your posts on Hadot.

“is modern man still able to understand the texts of antiquity, and live according to them? Has there been a definitive break between the contemporary world and ancient tradition?”

But therein is also the Catch-22, for there must be a way to become human, there must be a system one can follow….And thus we fall into a trap of modern intellectualism – the belief that what we need are more and more solutions, and systems to provide these solutions. To become more human, should I start eating organic foods (ignoring the organic food controversy) to be closer to the earth? Should I turn off all the lights in my house at sundown, to mimic the lifestyle of my ancestors? Maybe I can even rise before sunrise, look at the window, point at the sun and say, “Fire” with rapt awe. Then, will I be in touch with what it is to be human? Of course not. I will just have made an individualistic, consumerist choice to be at clear odds with modern society about some things, except in that fundamental aspect of the appearance of CHOICE. Such behaviors would not be a way of life, but a system of choices designed to produce the outcome of humanness. And one would be every bit the modern person that my McDonald’s eating, Skinemax soft porn watching neighbor is who keeps his lights on ‘til 1 am. In other words, none of my presuppositions changed, I just acted them out in a different way.

Thus, there is no ‘system’ or ‘solution’ to the problem. So I’m going to go and watch Balanchine’s “Apollo” again.

9 07 2010
Jared B.

Yeah, it took me a while reading this blog (Tags are great for browsing, and links to past posts are really helpful giving some context behind a post) to figure that out. There’s lots of good websites / blogs to go to for straightforward answers to things, and that’s important. But I keep coming back to this one when I want something to mull over a while, to be reminded that Truth is not a simple thing, truth about the world or about the faith. And one of these days I’ll have to pick up some Ficino at the library or Amazon…

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