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8 07 2010

This one

“Liturgy” without authority does not exist: This is true not because authority creates truth, but rather because liturgy itself is a legalistic category. Liturgy can only really emerge with the printing press. For example, all of the prefaces that were thrown out with the Council of Trent: were they not liturgy? How about, then, the Ludus Danielis in the cathedral of Beauvais, the poems of Hildegard von Bingen, or the various accoutrements such as ostrich eggs used in some medieval ceremonies? Once you start to use the term “liturgy”, you have already fallen into a scholarly trap: either it is the “official prayer book” (wherein emerges the conversation between the local and the trans-local, power and truth), or it is the tradition of the learned as opposed to the tradition of the plebs (in which you also get bogged down in conversations concerning power), or it is something that falls from the sky from the hands of angels (which is ridiculous).
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