Saints not ready for primetime

29 06 2010

Why is it that I have holy cards for most of these people? I have never heard of number 10 before. Will have to keep an eye out for him.



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5 07 2010
Arturo Vasquez

No estoy de acuerdo con el video necesariamente. Creo que el Niño Fidencio no era brujo, aunque en mis investigaciones, he concluido que fue un personaje bastante excéntrico. Creía que iba a resucitar después de tres días cuando finalmente se murió. Pero por eso no niego que hizo milagros, aunque sus seguidores han creado una religión cuestionable después de su fallecimiento.

5 07 2010

El Nino Fidencio NO Era BRUJO ni Medium.No se de donde oyen esas estupideses porque el era un objeto de Dios.El era Curandero.El no era mas que un Objeto De Dios y Curandero.El no Usaba la Brujeria eso no esta bien!!!!

30 06 2010
Mr. Crouchback

Here is your Saint Germain. Anyone who has read Foucault’s Pendulum or has any familiarity with the occult would recognize him.

29 06 2010

I actually saw Jesus Malverde on the back of a truck today. It did indeed make me think of narcos, probably because the truck’s tow hitch was stylized as two guns and it looked like it was a memorial to someone killed.
Is Villa more invoked than Zapata? Is Zapata invoked at all? Or is it because most of the drug crime is in northern Mexico and Villa was a norteno.

29 06 2010

Cat Yronwode also has some material on Niño Fidencio and is offering a prize to someone who will translate the Spanish for her.

29 06 2010

I don’t know if you’ve seen this book or not (it’s a museum exhibition book, which makes it seem less likely), but my advisor says there’s a good volume on Niño Fidencio. He references it in his big book on South Asian possession as a cross-cultural example of beneficial (as opposed to malevolent) possession, so apparently Niño Fidencio gets around!

29 06 2010

I thought I had seen Saint Germain somewhere before. Turns out it was somewhere in the wacko-web.

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