La oración de la rosa

23 06 2010

Padre nuestro que estás en la tierra; en la fuerte
y hermosa tierra;
en la tierra buena;

Santificado sea el nombre tuyo
que nadie sabe; que en ninguna forma
se atrevió a pronunciar este silencio
pequeño y delicado…, este
silencio que en el mundo
somos nosotras,
las rosas…

Venga también a nos, las pequeñitas
y dulces flores de la tierra,
el tu Reino prometido…,

Hágase en nos tu voluntad, aunque ella
sea que nuestra vida sólo dure
lo que dura una tarde…

El sol nuestro de cada día, dánoslo
para el único día nuestro…

Perdona nuestras deudas
-la de la espina,
la del perfume cada vez mas débil,
la de la miel que no alcanzó
para la sed de dos abejas…-,
así como nosotras perdonamos
a nuestros deudores los hombres,
que nos cortan, nos venden y nos llevan
a sus mentiras fúnebres,
a sus torpes o insulsas fiestas…

No nos dejes caer
nunca en la tentación de desear
la palabra vacía – ¡el cascabel
de las palabras!…-,
ni el moverse de pies
ni el corazón oscuro de
los animales que se pudre…
Mas líbranos de todo mal.

-Dulce Maria Loynaz



5 responses

30 06 2010

Out of sheer phyletistic pride, I want to thank you for mentioning once again Romanians (in this case, Alina Cojocaru) on your blog. 🙂

24 06 2010

Hm, interesting. That’s a bit to digest.

I’m very familiar with the Cardinal Newman/Charles Kingsley controversy; that’s why I asked.

24 06 2010
Arturo Vasquez

Sirian et. al.,

I don’t do requests. That’s just how it goes. I don’t think that Newman merits an extended post in this regard. Really, I could care less about Newman. Anyone who wants him can have him. Needless to say, I am not too impressed with him as a writer and theologian. If you want to know why, look it up on this blog. The Church wants to canonize Newman. Today’s Church and Newman deserve each other. Mediocrity loves company.

Not to say that I think Newman isn’t an interesting figure, a good prose writer, or anything of that sort. I just don’t think you can build an organic philosophical worldview based on Newman. And I am not sure that he is exactly saint material. But I don’t give much credence to that sort of thing anyway.

The more interesting question is if canonization in the Catholic Church has been turned into the “Catholic citizen of the month club”. JPII pushing through so many canonizations makes me think that this is now the case. It doesn’t matter how truly holy the person was, or what his or her cultus means in the context of the Universal Church. It more has to do with what “message” such and such a saint has for us today. Gianna Molla is definitely an example of this type of politicized canonization. But it perhaps began even earlier, with such figures as St. Maria Goretti, and if you want to go back even further, Thomas Beckett. The clerics have always wanted the saints to “mean something”. I just don’t think it is the whole story.

So in that sense, I think Newman’s canonization would be just another “political canonization”. I don’t oppose it, insofar as I am a defender of “popular canonizations” of even some unsavory characters. I just don’t see myself praying to Cardinal Newman any time soon. There was a tradition in Spain of having a mock trial of locusts using the intercession of a Doctor of the Church or an erudite saint as the prosecution. If I were choosing a saint to do this, I just would not think Newman very helpful.

23 06 2010

I’d like to echo Sirian’s request. I hadn’t seen the comment, but this historical topic holds an especial interest for me.

23 06 2010

Mr. Vasquez – I saw your comment on the “Liturgia Casae” blog about Cardinal Newman and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind kindly doing a post of your objections to the beatification and eventual canonisation of him?

Many thanks,


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