Roman Catholicism as the last Western paganism

7 06 2010

He saw himself as a son of the Catholic Church, which he did not regard as simply one of several Christian confessions, but as the great collecting tank of all religions, as the heiress of all paganism, as the still living original religion. That the Church after Vatican II no longer corresponded to this ideal, was more painfully aware to him than to anyone. And so, that much more easily did he decide to emigrate from the present, the analysis of which, of course, helped him to formulate his fragments of an “eternal anthropology” against it.

-Martin Mosenbach, regarding Nicolás Gómez Dávila found at this site

The superficial reflection of the week on my part is that I find sedevacantists to be a very sympathetic group of folk. Sure, I would never hang around them in person since I find that they are crazy enough in print, but I know where they are coming from. They love Catholicism more as an ideal than as a reality. I don’t know how one could love the reality without having had at least a minor lobotomy. Nowadays, educated people who speak of what they like about the Catholic Church speak only of an ideal, and if that is the case, one should become like the sedevacantist and go all the way. Or be a vagante bishop saying Mass in his garage.
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