The fight against the feminine

27 05 2010

This post linked to by the Ochlophobist for brought back a lot of memories for me. When I went off to join the Lefebvrists when I was twenty, their women were not allowed to wear pants, and of course they were supposed to shun most modern fashions. Even when I go to “official” Latin Masses now, you can always tell the “die hard” trad women from the ones “just passing through”. They tend to wear shapeless long skirts, similarly shapeless blouses, and a look of sheer lack of feminine enthusiasm due either to out-of-control piety or the responsibility of having all the children God intends for them to have. (I have long ago stopped considering this heroic.) Of course, many of the families, especially the more “well-off” ones, are much more “worldly” than they let on. But since I don’t hang out with them, I never see it.
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