Traditional faith healing in the Catholic world

18 04 2010

Above, the opening of a film that you can watch on-line concerning a curandero and bone-setter in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Sorry, no subtitles.

The second set of videos I found was on a newsite in Lake Charles, LA, regarding Cajun traiteurs. AG’s great-grandfather was a Creole traiteur, according to my father-in-law. This is the first extended video I have seen on-line concerning this practice:

Unveiling the mystery of traiteurs

Profile of a traiteur: Helene Boudreaux

A video from Ecuador

Finally, a video from Catalonia in Spain, for those who want to brush up on their Catalan.

The common thread in all of these videos is the role of faith. Healing does not come automatically by the performance of some ritual, but through the power of belief.



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