St. Roch Cemetery

17 03 2010

There is a legend associated with the tradition of the nine churches and the St. Roch Cemetery. It was said that unmarried young women who made the nine churches on Good Friday and left a donation at each church would find a husband by the end of the year. For best results, the ninth church should be the chapel of the St. Roch Cemetery. The young women would pick a four-leaf clover growing in the cemetery, a plant different from other four-leaf clovers in that there were red spots on the leaves. The story behind those four-leaf clovers is romantic, Gothic, and tragic. Once upon a time, a bride-to-be was widowed before her wedding. Despondent and devastated, she committed suicide on the grave of her betrothed. Her blood fell on the graveyard’s four-leaf-clover patch, forever marking the leaves with the splatters of her exsanguination. Blood; death; Good Friday: it’s a good story.

-Earl J. Higgins, The Joy of Y’at Catholicism



One response

17 03 2010

I read something like that online – but which nine churches do they mean?

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