Defending the indefensible

18 02 2010

I will go ahead and curmudgeonly indulge in saying that I don’t know reiki from saki. But a recent segment on Religion and Ethics News Weekly (a show that I watch, often while wincing), brought up many issues that I have addressed on this blog and elsewhere regarding the nature of religion, metaphysics, and healing. In the battle between un-habited New Age nuns and the U.S. Council of Bishops, in unlikely fashion I am coming to the defense of the nuns. It’s not that I like ambient music, fancy Asian energies, or liberal religious who seem to just need a good old fashioned Baltimore Catechism brainwashing session. I rather dislike all of these things, actually, but I dislike a-historical metaphysical rationalism even more, and bishops are not high up on my list either.
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