On the margins of theology – VII

15 02 2010

Protestantism in a hot climate

Studying the history of popular religion and living Louisiana, it is only a matter of time until one runs into the remnant and legacy of the New Orleans Spiritual Churches. On a walking tour of the French Quarter, I encountered an entire photo exhibit of these very unique and vibrant churches. One photo that impressed me was a lot like the one above. It was of a black woman wearing a long robe with a picture of the Infant of Prague sewn into it. Pinned to this robe were bills of various denominations. She was also wearing a mitre, and the photo itself was probably of an episcopal consecration. When I saw this, I joked to AG that I was going to take a picture and submit it to the New Liturgical Movement website.

“See, traditional vestments make a comeback!”

I don’t think they would appreciate the barely veiled endorsement of womens’ ordination.
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