The Birth of Krishna

3 02 2010

Makes me wonder how Bollywood would remake the life of Our Lord if given the chance…



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5 02 2010

Love the pagan cheese. Gaudy, over the top, ridiculous, an attempted seriousness that comes off as hilarious (like the Vox Nova blog). Accordingly, hippies, uncommitted leftists, baby boomers, and those “fed up” with “organized religion” (i.e. Catholicism) are mesmerized… hook, line and sinker. Goodbye….

Ahhhh… the romanticization of paganism, such a wonderful thing.

4 02 2010
Sam Urfer

Sure, Urdu has an army:

4 02 2010

3 02 2010
3 02 2010

Urdu is just Hindi with a funny script (and if not an army, then the potential for serious communal violence if you try to say it’s the same thing as Hindi…)

3 02 2010

I haven’t watched the video yet, but the caption alone made me scream “NOOOO!” at the top of my lungs… (Please, let us NOT have a Bollywood version of the birth of Jesus – though I bet it’s been done already!)

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