2 02 2010

I recommend this particular post on the Inside Catholic blog, but more especially the comments. I thought this was a good clarification of what an elusive “Neo-Cath” is:

The apologetic attitude towards the annulment culture even in “conservative” circles inspires me to re-write a Catholic classic of last century: Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. In my version, Sebastian Flyte takes theology of the body classes and figures out that he doesn’t know how to love. He cleans up and joins Opus Dei with Cordelia, making six figure incomes for Jesus. Lady Marchmain learns to lighten up, and Lord Marchmain comes back home to finally express his undying faith in human dignity. He dies a Methodist, since that makes him feel closer to Jesus, but everyone accepts him as a “separated brother”. And most importantly, Charles Ryder and Julia Marchmain go to a diocesan tribunal and get annulments for their previous marriages. They stay together and live happily ever after, teaching a bunch of RCIA classes to bright eyed catechumens. Instead of an empty tabernacle evoking a dreary Latin phrase (“Quomodo sedet sola civitas”), we could have a big gaudy Paschal candle with the phrase, “Be not afraid”, etched in the wax.

Catholicism: the new and improved, conservative “JPII” version.

Yeah, no thank you.