I don’t have any “friends”

31 12 2009

Or: Why I got off Facebook

[Continuing with personal posts for the few who are still reading this blog…]

Well, I finally deactivated my Facebook account. It was really just getting too boring to read. First of all, I was never the “Facebook whore” that some people are. I never had more than about 80 friends, and most of those were either relatives, people I have met, or known readers of this blog. And they apparently have very boring lives, and fairly uninteresting thoughts. (Sorry.) Secondly, I figured that if people really need to contact me, my e-mail address is in the “About” section of this blog, and all hate / fan mail usually comes there anyway. AG used to get on my case for spending too much time on Facebook, so to all of those who posted about how much you love peanut butter or videos of puppies playing guitars, thanks for making my relationship a lot smoother.
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