On the nature of the prophet

8 12 2009

The mirror the divine essence was placed face to face,
so that this form was duplicated,
the reflection of the divine essence appeared in the mirror,
the name of this reflection became Mustafa.
If such an image had not been born
the conclusion of beauty would come with him.
All flames come from this one flame
which illumines from earth to heaven.

The explanation of this is given thus by the masters of knowledge and the possessors of inner wisdom. The first emanation of God, may his state be exalted, is the light of Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him. That is, the absolute Creator brought the light of Muhammad into being 1,670,000 years before all other existent and created things. Hazrat ibn Jauzi wrote that God said to this light, “Become Muhammad,” so that it became a column of light and stood up and reached to the veil of divine greatness- then it prostrated and said, “Praise Be to God!” Then God said, “For this I have created you and I will make you the beginning of creation and the end of the Prophets”.

-Khwaja Muhammad Akbar Warithi, Milad-e-Akbar, found in the book, Religions of India in Practice